Jim’s Journey, June 2019

It’s getting closer….

Jim is making his final preparations to go to Uganda for an extended stay. It’s been more complicated than he expected, and there have been many obstacles to his plans. Going to Africa is not the same as going on a week’s vacation. You can’t just turn off the lights, close the door, and expect all to be well while you’re gone. Clearing out the accumulation of years takes thought and time. Finding a renter takes time. Making insurance arrangements takes a lot of time. Yet, the preparations are just about finished, and Jim is ready to go. He has learned patience, and he says his place looks the best it ever has.

Please keep Jim in your prayers as he embarks on this Water Solutions for Africa project. It’s all unknown, but Jim is uniquely prepared and qualified to handle it. And, he relies on the Lord to direct his steps.

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