Jim’s week in Zambia

Friends and family of CEED,

       I was in Uganda for one week before traveling to Zambia. Northbridge Church in Cranberry Pa. does missions in Zambia. Five years ago, Northbridge purchased a drill rig and asked CEED to train a team in drilling operations. That team would then go to Zambia and train young men how to drill and repair borehole. I have been assisting Northbridge Church in that process.

     Northbridge has three central ministries in Kitwe, Zambia: drilling and repairing boreholes, installing computer systems in schools, and running an orphanage. The name of the orphanage is Somone House. It is a unique orphanage and has been recognized by the Zambian government as such.

       Somone House rescues babies who have been left in the bush, found in dumpsters, or abandoned by their mothers. One little boy had been discarded in a pit latrine where, if it were not for his cries, he would have died of exposure and suffocation in urine and feces. I saw this little boy not long after he had been rescued. I was afraid to hold him because he was so tiny and weak. I wondered how he would survive. One year later I saw him walking across the floor. He was healthy and happy, playing with children whose stories are not unlike his. When you held him, he would cling to you, smiling and content, saved by the women of Somone House.

       The orphanage is now expanding due to a request by the Zambian Government. They have acquired the land. Our team just drilled a borehole that will now provide the water needed for construction of barrier walls and building, and later provide clean water for the children of the Somone House orphanage.

      Clean water saves lives gradually, as the health and welfare of the village improve. The women of Somone House save lives instantly.  With help, the babies of this orphanage will soon find refuge within the walls of a new home. For now, they find refuge in the cradling arms of the women of Somone House and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

        The people from Northbridge Church who started these miniseries in Zambia are remarkable, passionate about the work in Zambia, and a pleasure to work with. It is humbling sometimes to be involved in projects like these; you have allowed me the opportunity to work in places like Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda. Thank you for your support.


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