A Gift of Hope

In frigid January, when the days are short, and the shining sun seems scarce, human beings need a bit of help to get through the cold and dark until spring arrives. There’s no arguing that healthy habits can provide some help to carry you through. Getting as much light as possible, getting outside when you can, eating healthily, and exercising are all great habits to cultivate. Yet, there’s more you can do that will not only benefit you but others as well — a kind of two for the price of one type of habit. When you stop looking at how you feel and give the extra effort to help others, you and they reap the benefits of that effort. So, take that extra step, exert that extra effort, walk that extra mile and help someone today. A smiling face, an opened door, an act of kindness–these all go a long way to survive the winter blues.
Sometimes we hope that the memories of the holiday celebrations will carry us through. As we sweep away the dead pine needles and stow away the decorations, remembering what we celebrated and why we celebrated undoubtedly can help. With the clean, uncluttered space of January, we can envision a new year with hope. But that’s not true for everyone–there are hundreds of millions of people who suffer from the lack of necessities we take for granted. Hopeful is not the way they talk about their life and their future.

You can do something about their lack of hope. You can help yourself and them with the simple act of donating to a clean water project which will serve thousands in a remote village halfway around the world. You can influence lives that far away with a simple click. Won’t you celebrate the newness of the year, give yourself a boost from the blues and kindly give clean water to those in need? You can celebrate together.

Click on the link below to get to our home page and the donate button. Thank you!


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