What are you afraid of?

We’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are expressing their fear, anxiety, and grief. Certainly fear of the unknown is at the top or close to the top of everyone’s list. We are navigating new waters with our destination still out of sight.

Yet, I understand that millions, or even billions of the world’s population, live with that fear every day. For the Ugandans we met on our recent trip have unseen bacteria and parasites lurking in their daily drinking water, causing deadly disease. Every day they fetch their water knowing illness and death are present. Yet they don’t live in fear. They have unbelievably hard lives and they still smile, greet strangers, show hospitality, and offer treats of the sweetest bananas we could ever imagine. We can learn a lot from them and their joyous faith. We can learn to live in joy and not fear. We can also give in return. We do have material wealth and we can share it.

Would you drink from this?

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