Love in the Time of COVID

What does “love” mean? It’s definitely an emotion yet it is so much more than that. It’s an action of commitment which transcends the feeling. It is not mushy or trite, but strong and brave. When we feel threatened–as most of us do these days–it takes an act of will, an act of love, to care about the welfare of strangers more than our own. This is when the church can and should shine brightly. This is when we can act selflessly as an expression of the Love that Jesus has for us.

For some, this will be working in hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, pharmacies, nursing homes, manufacturing plants. The list is long and we see the faces of sacrifice and sorrow on the news every day.

What about the rest of us? How can we shine? If you are sitting home, homeschooling your kids, dealing with a tough boss, or an unrealistic deadline, is there anything left to shine with? There can be. There are non-profits that are still laboring to care for what the Bible calls the “least of these” that the Lord cares about so much in the midst of the COVID crisis. There are millions who suffer every day with food insecurity, extreme poverty, and the horrific lack of clean water. It only takes a moment to click on a link or to write a check to help them keep fighting to help those in need. They are not making the headlines right now, but they haven’t stopped either. If this speaks to your heart, please act today. You can donate on the home page of this website:

Thank you!

Could you drink this if you had to?

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