Most days, I tend to go through my day focused on what is directly ahead of me. Work, appointments, menus, grocery store,–you get the idea. Sometimes I have to be reminded to look at all that is good in life and be thankful for it. When I am thankful, then I want to spread the good around and choose to help others.

We are in a strange and, in our lifetime, unprecedented situation. How can you do good in today’s atmosphere of fear and distrust? So instead of being creative and brave, we hunker down inside our very comfortable shells and wait, And wait. And wait.

But we can do good at a time when it is sorely missing and needed more than ever.

To learn more about your opportunity to use this time to help and make a difference, check out our upcoming virtual event here: https://secure.ministrysync.com/ministrysync/event/?e=20447

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