The Votes are in…

And the tallying is done. What does the word “tally” mean and where did it come from? It’s derived from the Latin for “twig cutting”, and morphed through the Anglo-Norman French “tallie”, meaning a piece of wood with notches on it to keep an account.

So what’s been tallied? In the more than 20 years CEED has been around, there have been many individuals who have given an extraordinary effort to help those in need through clean water. We throw the word “Champion” around a lot. A champion is someone who takes up and fights for the rights and needs of others who cannot fight for themselves.

This year we have inaugurated an award, CEED’s Champion’s Cup, to be given to the exemplary person who has exhibited the hallmarks of a true champion for the cause of providing clean water to children and families in East Africa.

The CEED Board voted and after the tally we had a unanimous winner of the inaugural Champion’s Cup.

This year the winner is……

To find out, you will have to watch our live stream celebration and charity event on November 19th, 7 PM. To register to receive the link, please click here:

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