What is Success?

We are living through strange times. The number of people living in poverty has increased, and the available funds to help them has decreased. How does a non-profit continue to help others? Specifically, how can CEED continue to drill water wells? During a global pandemic, how can a village survive when the first line of defense is cleanliness and they are getting their water from a polluted pond?

The good news is though you might be in stressed circumstances, you are not forgetting to help others. We had our first virtual findraiser and, contrary to expectations, we met and exceeded our goal. From the 1st of July to December 31st, we hoped to receive $250,000 to keep our drilling teams in Uganda working. With two weeks left in the year we have received $232,000 and the teams are providing clean water to thousands!

We are almost there and we are soooo grateful for your response to our event. It was a first-time effort for us and you have been gracious and kind in your comments and donations. If you didn’t get a chance to view it, you can access it on YouTube here:


The actual presentation starts about 15 minutes into the video.

Thank you for your response and may God bless you !

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