About Us

Water Solutions for Africa is operated by the Christian East African Economic Development Trust (CEED) a 501 (c)3 non-profit.
We concentrate on helping East Africans help themselves by sponsoring and encouraging self-sustaining projects to build their communities in three essential areas. First, to be a community who is spiritually healthy; living and loving like Jesus. Second, to be a community who is physically fit; improving the health and well-being of individuals and families. Third, to be a community where workers earn ongoing livable wages.
To view our finances: 2019 Annual Report
To contact our office: by phone: 412.889.6642;  by email:jill@ceed-trust.org
Our all-volunteer Board of Directors serves at their own expense.

2019 Board of Directors:

Graham Hodgetts, President

James Stevens, Chairman

Pete Cady

Worth Helms

Frank Klein

Greg Kobulnicky

Mark LoDico

Mike Passineau

Amy Travis

Jim West

Not pictured: Flip Thompson and Jake Vagias


Herbert Asiimwe, CPA, Executive Director, CEED Uganda

Jill Whitecap, MBA, US Business Manager