Bringing Clean Water, and new Futures to Students in Uganda

Mpongo Before a Well
Well - 2022 - Ingomar Living Waters #4 - Mpongo Village Primary School 1
Mpongo Primary School Before A Well
Mpongo Primary School After a Well
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Summer is almost over here in the states, and fall is on its way. For many families this means going back to school. The same is true for the children of Uganda. Some children walk from the local village each morning after doing their chores. Other students live too far to walk safely and will board at the school while classes are in session. And while students there must consider things like grades, and exams, they also have to worry about where they get their water. 

Very few schools have clean water on site, and most aren’t located in a village that has access to clean water either. For many students the day starts with having to walk to a nearby pond or swamp to gather water before making the trek back home. The task usually falls to the girls in the family, and they must complete this task before they can think of heading to school for the day. If the water is far, and they are late to school, they may not be permitted to attend classes for that day. Because of this, many girls drop out in grade school to take care of this task for their families. 

And the water that is available to many schools is a problem itself. The ponds are filled with bacteria, microscopic organisms and even snakes and frogs. Even boiled water carries a risk of infection. And any of you who have had children know that they aren’t always patient or risk aware enough to make wise choices. If they are thirsty, they will drink, and many students get sick as a result. 

The Water Source at St. Luke’s before CEED provided a well

Which is where CEED comes in. This year we have drilled wells at one secondary school, two primary schools and a nursery school. There are over 1500 students between all four of these locations, and with the surrounding villages included these wells are providing roughly 5000 people with clean water! And we have another Secondary School and another nursery school ready to go this fall. 

Clean water changes everything. More students will be able to stay in school rather than having to drop out for water related chores or the consequences of water born illness. And parents will be more likely to send their child to school if clean water is one of the benefits. Education can change the future of a village. It can create growth, innovations and opportunities for these children and their families. It’s another way that clean water changes lives.

St. Lukes After The Borehole was Dug

We are so grateful to our donors and partners for making this possible. The need is great, and we are grateful for every chance we are given to make a difference for a nation. If you feel lead to help CEED help the people in Uganda receive the life giving, and life changing gift of clean water we would be happy for your help. You can use the link below for more information!

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